dog day care and boarding leavenworth kansas

We are proud to offer exceptional grooming services to keep your Pawtner looking his/her best.  Our groomers focus on a maintaining a calm and patient environment to make the grooming experience as stress-free as possible for your Pawtners.  


From nail trims to full grooms, we have your Pawtner covered!


  • Get-Along-Little Doggie (nail trim)

  • Dog-Gone Clean (bath, coat conditioner, and nail trim)

  • All Spruced-Up (bath, coat conditioner, nail trim, and face/feet/fanny trimming)

  • All Gussied-Up (bath, coat conditioner, nail trim, and full body groom)


All baths include nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and external anal gland expression. 

Pricing is based on the coat condition, size and breed of your dog. 

For grooming questions regarding pricing or scheduling, please call Roverwood Ranch at 913-250-0808.