Spay/Neuter Policy


To ensure the safety of all Day Play guests, females must be spayed if over 6 months of age, and males must be neutered if over 6 months of age.  If a dog is intact and requires an Overnight Stay, day play will not be allowed.  However, those guests will be privately walked throughout the day for an additional fee. Six months is a guideline, but we reserve the right to accept or not accept a dog of any age that is not altered. 

We realize that many vets are suggesting waiting to spay or neuter your pet and that's fine, we totally understand! ​ Our policy is based on our experience. We've seen dogs unfairly targeted because of simply not being "fixed." The tension in the group environment is heightened and the energy harder to manage. Males that are not neutered tend to add a huge increase in our cleaning time due to increased marking, which quickly creates a marking spree among other males. Humping increases in the play groups, even if the the unaltered dog is only in the building and not even in play group. And lastly, we are not comfortable with the increased responsibility of an increased risk of pregnancy, unintentional "locking on," or other such accidents.

If you would still like your pet to board with us and they are not altered, we will accommodate you as best as our schedule allows. Meaning, no dogs that aren't fixed will be allowed on holidays or jam-packed daycare or boarding days/nights. We will require that you sign the agreement below as well.

Spay/Neuter Policy Release form