Ranch Reviews


My dogs Parker and Casey have enjoyed staying at Roverwood and have always been treated with much love and care while they are there. They get very excited when I tell them they get to go to "doggy day care"! They have experienced both day care and overnight stay and I am very impressed with Mark and his staff. I would (and have) recommend(ed) Roverwood Ranch to others. Great place!

-Mary Lou


Roverwood Ranch is a fantastic place to take your fur-children. Everyday Rhino and Rilee arrive they are welcomed with loving hellos and pats. They really take the time to get to know each animal and how they get along/play with other friends to ensure everyone has a safe and wonderful time. The facility is always clean and the staff works hard to make sure everyone has the best experience possible. Thank you so much for your time and dedication in caring for not only my pets, but everyone else's!



I am so impressed with Roverwood Ranch. The staff is so friendly and glad to give me a daily report on my dog. It's almost like they love my dog just as much as I do! I feel very secure knowing I am leaving my dog in good hands.


- Anne


We have had Abby there many times now for half days and full days plus grooming and we absolutely love this place! They are friendly, clean and just amazing! It's so wonderful to have a safe place for our little baby to go play and burn off some of her energy. We wanted to socialize her and also have somewhere safe to take her when we run to Kansas City for a few hours to shop. No matter how much we love this place it wouldn't be worth it to us if Abby didn't love it or fought us about going. Since she knows exactly what we mean when we ask if she wants to go play and practically drags us in there, we know she looks forward to going. It's a huge relief to us knowing she is safe and having fun! We are so thankful for Roverwood Ranch and wish them many years of success!


- Darlene


Our dog just spent 5 nights at Roverwood and we loved the photos they posted to FB and the ability to watch him playing on webcam. The webcam was wonderful to have when our kids became sad that they missed our dog. We loved all the social, play time he had. The free howdy do day to introduce the dog to the facility is wonderful too. He was pretty excited when we took him to drop him off for his overnight visit. The staff here is wonderful!