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A Little About Roverwood Ranch

Roverwood Ranch started with simple idea of providing exceptional care for the Leavenworth area's dogs and their families. Roverwood Ranch gives your Pawtner the best of both worlds - indoor and outdoor.  They can socialize in our climate-controlled play space or romp around outside on the soft, green turf. Our boarding suites feature glass fronts and solid sides - no wire or cages here!

We offer three indoor/outdoor play areas where dogs are separated by size and temperament into play groups. Safety is our number one priority here at Roverwood Ranch. Each group is supervised by a specially trained Ranch Hand to ensure the level of play is healthy, happy, and safe. Outdoor areas are covered in K-9 Grass, an artificial turf especially made for dogs. Waste is picked up immediately and we sanitize both the indoor and outdoor areas every evening or as needed throughout the day. No mud, sticks, dust or rocks to worry about! Our outdoor areas are enclosed with an 8-foot fence that extends into the ground - no digging under or climbing out!


Each play space is equipped with Roverwood Ranch webcams so you may watch your Pawtner from home, office, hotel, or by way of smart phone. That information can be found here.

Grooming services are also available, so your Pawtner can look his/her best. 

In business since 2013, Roverwood Ranch has seen over 3500 dogs come through our doors and we work very hard to ensure that every dog has the best experience possible while spending time with us. Interested in taking a tour? Come on by during normal business hours and we'll show you around! And while we know it's tempting, please leave your dog at home while you tour.

We are a day-play-based boarding facility. Your little pawtner can play with friends and relax in a safe, happy and comfortable environment with professional Ranch hands catering to their every need.

Our groomers have over 30 years combined experience to get your dog looking and smelling
their very best. 

Really, there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to the care of your best friend.

About us
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