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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment? 
Yes, we require appointments for boarding, day care and grooming. We are a small place and take managing the different canine personalities very seriously. Usually you can call (913) 250-0808 the day before. This also prevents us from having to turn you away if we are too busy.


What are your vaccination requirements? 
We require Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo and Rabies vaccines. We need hard copies of these records from your veterinarian. They can be emailed (, brought in, or mailed, but we do need them BEFORE your dog is scheduled to come in for anything. More information here.

Do you ban any breeds from day play?

We base day-play suitability on the individual dogs, rather than the breeds. We have found some breeds are more inherently successful with day play than others. Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and Labs are generally successful due to their natural affinity for group play. Doodles (poodle mixes) always seem to thrive in medium dogs and Shih tzus, Maltese and poodle mixes do well in the little dog sections. Breeds that have had a harder time are those bred to be solitary dogs. Breeds like Akitas, Malamutes, Pyrenees, Bloodhounds and Rottweilers that were meant to guard or herd alone tend to not enjoy the group play environment as much as others. We have had successful and not-so-successful candidates of every breed, gender, size and age, which is why we don't generalize and use our Howdy-do Day to evaluate whether we are the right fit

Will my dog be injured or get sick? 
My goodness, we hope not!  But to be perfectly honest, dogs play by using their teeth, legs, feet and bodies. While we do our absolute best to ensure a safe environment, scratches and bruises do happen. If you have a smooth-coated dog like a Weimaraner, Boxer, Pitbull or Dachshund, the chance of scratches are higher. 


We will cut your dogs' toenails, ($15) if we deem them hazardous for typical play.  Serious injuries are rare and are addressed immediately. Possible illnesses that happen in group dog play can range from canine papilloma virus (puppy warts) to Bordetella (kennel cough). While no dog is admitted in the building without vaccinations, some virus strains can still infect some dogs. For example, Bordetella is an air-born illness and no amount of surface cleaning can guard against all strains, The incubation time in 7-10 days after exposure, so a lot of times we have no idea who could have brought it in. Puppy warts is common with young dogs and can be very contagious.


Please leave your dog at home and call us if you suspect your dog is ill.  You will be notified if we believe your dog has been exposed to any contagious illness. If we suspect your dog is not feeling well while attending Roverwood Ranch, you will be contacted immediately. If you are unavailable, we will contact your vet of record.

I'm bringing my dog for boarding, what time can I drop him/her off? 
We work like a hotel, with drop-off in the afternoons (1 - 6 pm) and pick-up in the mornings (7 am - Noon) during the week. If you would like an earlier drop-off time or later pick-up time, just let us know and usually we can accommodate you for the price of a half day of play ($15). You will be asked when you make your reservation what your drop-off and pick-up times will be. During the weekends, pick-ups and drop-offs are allowed anytime during normal business hours. Our business hours are not flexible. This is because of the disruption arriving and leaving dogs create for those here, and to maintain timely cleaning protocols.

I'm bringing my dog for boarding, what should I bring? 

All suite come with a raised Kuranda bed for their comfort. We do find that most dogs do best when they have something that smells of home - like a blanket, bed, old t-shirt of yours or a toy. You are welcome to bring food, toys, bedding or anything else you think might make your dog's stay with us more comfortable. We have plenty of bowls which we sanitize after every use, so you can leave yours at home. That is, unless you have a dog that needs a raised bowl, slow-feeder or some other special type of bowl. In that case, you are welcome to bring those as well. No rawhides or tennis balls will be left in their suite overnight. We do our absolute best to make sure all items go back home with your dog but occasionally we do miss something. If that happens, just give us a call and we'll hunt it down.

What about food?
We encourage you to bring your dog's own food to minimize stomach upset. How you package it is up to you. Please be sure to include any special instructions for feeding your little Pawtner at drop-off. If you forget, we can feed them ours. We use a grain-free, turkey and sweet potato recipe that has fairly good reviews and is well-liked and palatable by most dogs. We do not have puppy or senior food. 

My dog doesn't like other dogs, can they still stay at Roverwood Ranch? 

Well, sure, but it may not be as much fun. We know not all dogs like the group environment and prefer to be on their own. However, if your dog is truly stressed out by the presence of other dogs, this may not be the place for you. While we love all dogs, boarding a non-social dog here may be too much for them to handle.

How much play time will my dog get at Roverwood Ranch? 

Whether your dog is boarding or here for day play, we try to keep the same schedule every day, seven days a week. Your dog will be out the majority of the time with others unless showing signs of fatigue or extreme nervousness. For more information, click here.

My dog has been so tired since I picked her/him up from Roverwood Ranch. Why is that? 
Dogs staying at Roverwood Ranch get a lot of exercise and stimulation. While we monitor them closely for signs of extreme fatigue, oftentimes they are tired for a few days after coming home, especially after a long stay. Bowel changes can sometimes happen too. If your dog doesn't perk up after a couple of days, please contact your vet and let us know. We can give you a detailed description of your dogs' stay here. ​

Why does my dog drink so much water after day play? 
Water is provided in several locations at all times, don't worry. Oftentimes, dogs are expending much more energy at day play than they normally do at home. This can cause them to drink heavily throughout the day, particularly at home when the excitement has died down. 

What happens at a Howdy-Do Day? 
You can find more information about our temperament test day (Howdy-do Day) here.

How do I get started with Roverwood Ranch? 

We ask new clients to complete a New Client Information Form and copies of your pet's vaccination records before your dog's first stay, first grooming appointment or first day of play (Howdy-do Day). You are welcome to email it to or bring it by at 4751 S. 13th St, Leavenworth, Kansas.


Important documents, price lists and other info... 

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