Day Play at the Ranch


We pride ourselves on offering stimulating, interactive play for your little Pawtner. There is a Ranch-Hand Pack Member with your pup at all times in our three play areas. We determine  which area your pup will be in based on his/her temperament and play style.

Our Ranch Hands are educated in dog behavior and communication. They spend time playing, teaching some basic training, and interacting with your Pawtners when they visit for day play. From the smallest pup to the largest pooch, we provide your pet a safe, friendly atmosphere to socialize and play.

A Typical Day Play Day - 

Day play begins at Roverwood Ranch at 7 am. The majority of dogs are here by 9 am. We add to the groups as the dogs come in. We separate the dogs according to their play style and temperament. This can change with the day, depending on who is here, dog-wise, and how your pup best fits in. We consider ourselves "full" when one group is at it's maximum capacity for number or dogs or complexity of temperaments/play styles. We have three groups, usually called Littles, Mediums, and Bigs, but really it's more like Calm/Low-energy, Playful/Medium-energy, and Crazy/High-energy play styles. We take the group combinations very seriously as it can determine the quality of your dogs' day greatly. This is why we require reservations for Day Play. 

For dogs that are here all day, we have Quiet Time between 11 am and 1 pm. This allows the dogs to relax, nap or eat lunch. We find adequate rest time is just as important at play time and makes for a much better experience. No dogs will be accepted for day play during Quiet Time as the disruption of adding a new dog defeats the purpose of relaxing.  We also do a fair amount of cleaning and tidying up at this time. 

Boarding dogs are mixed in with the Day Players and go to their suites for dinner at 4 pm, staying there for at least an hour after they eat to minimize the risk of bloat. Day Players usually begin leaving at this time and most have gone home by 5:30 - 6 pm. Remaining dogs are put in kennels at 5:30 pm and the heavy-duty cleaning begins. We sanitize everything from water and food bowls to the play yards, indoor and outdoor. Information on the boarding dogs schedule can be found here.

All dogs are subject to our vaccination requirements and spay/neuter policy.

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Not Sure If Day Play is Right for Your Dog?

We can tell you! We offer an assessment day, called a Howdy- do Day for free! We plan these carefully so reservations are required. Call (913) 250-0808 to make your appointment.

Howdy-Do Day