Day Play at Roverwood Ranch

We pride ourselves on offering stimulating, interactive play for your dog.

Specially trained and skilled in dog behavior and communication, Roverwood
Ranch hands monitor the play groups to ensure the safest, most beneficial 
and fun environment for your dog's  social needs.

Dogs are separated into play groups according to size, age and play style.
All dogs are carefully monitored to ensure they are having the best day possible.
Groups change according to the dogs attending that day. We require reservations and limit the number of dogs in each group to ensure the safest and healthiest play time.

Our play areas are indoor and outdoor so your pup can go in and out as they please.
Inside is climate-controlled (73 degrees in the Summer, 68 degrees in the winter) and
outside, the dogs enjoy K-9 grass, an artificial turf made just for dogs. No sticks, rocks,
mud puddles or grass to chew, just a soft, easily-sanitized surface (which we do daily)
to romp around or nap on. 

A Howdy-Do Day is a free, half-day of play where we assess your dog to see if we are a
good fit for each other. We can usually tell within an hour or so how it's going to work,
but your dog is welcome to stay for up to five hours for free.
We like to schedule Howdy-dos on days that are less busy, like Mondays or Tuesdays.
We limit the number of Howdy-do dogs per day so we do require reservations.  




In all the years we've been doing this, we've learned a thing or two about dogs, believe it or not.
For one thing, all-day day play is simply exhausting. So we have built in downtime to allow those

that just can't stop, to take a break and those that want to stop, to have that break.

Between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. we have Quiet Time. We turn on soothing music, turn down the lights,
pass out snacks, minimize distractions, and fill up as many of our private suites with sleepy dogs as possible. Young dogs that still eat lunch are fed and everyone naps. It's heavenly!


Water is provided at all times, including in day play and we sanitize each bowl after use. ​



Details, Details...​​​

All dogs participating in day play must comply with our vaccination requirements, 
spay/neuter policy
 and be of acceptable temperament to participate in day play. 

Over-arousal, aggression, or out-of-control behavior is not tolerated and will be cause
for removal from the group, either temporarily or permanently.

Safety is the top priority at Roverwood Ranch, but group play does have inherit risks such as, 
superficial scratches, sore muscles, broken toenails, and transfer of communicable
illnesses to name a few. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, or check here.

Daycare Packages and Price List (Printable PDF)

Find out about our vaccination requirements, age minimums and our spay/neuter policy.

Really, there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to the care of your best friend.

We provide a safe and rip-roarin’ good time for your Pawtner
while you are away.

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