Bunkin’ Up With Us – Overnight Stays

dog day care and boarding leavenworth kansas

We provide a safe and rip-roarin’ good time for your Pawtner while you are away. Our personalized service and dog-loving staff provides peace-of-mind when you leave your dog in our care!  Each Ranch guest sleeps in a private suite with a comfortable, raised bed.  For those families with multiple dogs, family members may stay together in the same suite, and at discounted rate to boot! Meals are included in the overnight stay price as well as a bedtime Ranch snack.  Feel free to bring your little Pawtner’s favorite toys, bedding, treats, and/or food. We want each of our ranch guests to feel right at home!


All dogs staying overnight at Roverwood Ranch take part in Day Play and follow essentially the same schedule. The first let-out of the morning is at 6 am, followed by breakfast. Every dog is fed in their personal suite (no food is allowed in the group environment), followed by an hour of rest. We monitor all boarders to make sure they are eating well. Incentives to eat are sometimes necessary, with those that find boarding stressful. These incentives can include adding wet food, Magic Dust (freeze-dried beef liver), chicken broth, Parmesan cheese, or some other tasty incentive to their food. We have also been known to sit with and hand-feed those that are having a particularly hard time. If your dog loses weight with us, it will be because of exercise, not lack of eating. 

Water is provided at all times as well as a bedtime snack at the last let out of the day, usually around 8:30 - 9 pm. Milkbones are also offered at the mid-day Quiet Time. You are welcome to send along your dogs' favorite treats for these occasions.

Dogs boarding with us over 4 or 5 nights tend to get tired much more quickly than earlier in their stay, so we often give these pups more down-time in their suites and monitor them closely for exhaustion, stress behaviors or depression. Sometimes taking them on a simple walk outside of the facility a couple of times is enough to get them back into the swing of things. Dogs with a tendency toward toy or bedding destruction are giving chew toys (monitored closely) or time alone with a staff member. All of this is included in your boarding price!

If your Pawtner stays five nights or more with us, then he/she will receive a free departure bath.* If he/she stays ten nights or more, you receive a 10% discount. We also have webcams so you can watch all the action of the dogs in the play areas. Click here for more information on the webcams.

All dogs staying at Roverwood Ranch, must comply with our vaccination requirementsspay/neuter policy and be of acceptable temperament. 

Boarding Rates

*Free baths are given if staying five consecutive nights or more if possible. Dogs must be able to tolerate bathing. Extra-large, extra-hairy or extra-difficult dogs may not be possible to bathe in allotted time or will be subject to extra charges. If you have any questions about bathing, please ask a staff member or call us at (913) 250 - 0808.




Here at Roverwood Ranch the safety and comfort of your dog is our top priority. That's why we chose enclosures that are glass fronted, and solid on the other three sides, providing privacy and security for your dogs.

dog day care and boarding leavenworth kansas