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Overnight Stays

Each Ranch guest eats and sleeps in a private suite with a comfortable, raised bed when not out playing with friends. Feel free to bring your little Pawtner’s favorite toys, bedding, treats, and/or food. Don't worry if you forget their food, we can feed them ours (charges may apply). You are welcome to bring any special bowls that you wish, but we have plenty of our own too. Dogs of the same family who reside together normally are allowed to stay together as long as they can eat and sleep together without difficulty.




We have web cams! You can watch your dog play while in day care. Click here for instructions.



We take meal times very seriously around the Ranch. Every dog is fed in their personal suite (no food allowed in the group environment), followed by an hour of rest. We monitor all boarders to make sure they are eating well. There are those dogs that find boarding stressful at first. In those cases, we provide incentives such as adding wet food, Magic Dust (freeze-dried beef liver), chicken broth, Parmesan cheese, or some other tasty addition to their food. We have also been known to sit with and hand-feed those that are having a particularly hard time. 

Water is provided at all times, including in day play. We sanitize each bowl after use.  Mid-day Milk-bones and bedtime snacks are included in their stay with us, but you are welcome to send along your dog's favorite treats.




While most dogs staying with us enjoy lots of social time, they do tend to get tired. We build in downtime for your little Pawtner, allowing them to take a breather from all the excitement of day care. Most dogs are used to lots of rest at home and all-day excitement can be quite a change! We monitor all dogs for signs of exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and depression and adjust their amount of play time, alone time, one-on-one time (with a Ranchhand) accordingly. Individual walks, chew toys, extra cuddling or individual play time are some of the tools we use to induce relaxation. 

Check-out time​​

 If your dog stays ten nights or more, you receive a 10% discount.

Active-duty military receives a 10% discount.​


Fine-print time​​​

All dogs staying at Roverwood Ranch must comply with our vaccination requirements, must be spayed/neutered and be of acceptable temperament to participate to board or participate in day play. All elderly (over the age of 12) dogs need to be assessed for suitability for boarding. Dogs that are not ambulatory are not allowed. Significant health issues need to be disclosed to determine suitability for our environment. Please let us know of any food or environmental allergies at check-in time. 

Boarding Price List (Printable PDF)

Your little Pawtner gets to meet up with doggie friends in a group play environment, monitored at all times by specially trained Ranchhands.

Find out about our vaccination requirements, age minimums and our spay/neuter policy, along with some other helpful tidbits. 

Really, there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to the care of your best friend.

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